1. A Long Time Ago

    Doc, I wish I could have had a implant a long time ago.

  2. You’re Family…

    Dr. Lewis gives individualized hands-on care to patients. You’re not a patient; you’re family.

  3. Big-Picture View…

    Dr. Lewis has a holistic (big-picture) view of pain and pain management.

  4. Brighter…

    When pain is managed, people are brighter.

  5. Excellence…

    Dr. Lewis strives to be a center of excellence in pain treatment and management.

  6. Innovator…

    Dr. Lewis is an innovator with a world-class pain treatment practice

  7. Isn’t a Better Team…

    There isn’t a better team than Dr. Lewis’s team that deserves to offer their services to the Grand Valley.

  8. Great Solution…

    Pain serves a purpose when it can be managed, but with long-standing chronic pain it feels like nerves on fire, and there is nothing to fix, and yet they still have the pain. Pain stimulation technology is a great solution for those patients.

  9. Best Pain Specialist…

    Dr. Lewis is the first and longest standing and best pain specialist in Western Colorado

  10. Miracle Worker…

    Dr. Lewis is a miracle worker!

    Patient Phillomenia Uhl