Hello, and welcome back to the Western Rockies Interventional Pain Specialists blog. Hopefully, you’re staying well (and sane) during these lockdown orders. In an attempt to assist your sanity, we’re back with some more information about these current times and your overall well being during them.

In our last blog post, we covered some pain management strategies that you can use while at home to help feel better and deal with any pain you have been experiencing. Today, we’re going to talk about what you should be doing once the stay at home orders are lifted and you’re able to acquire services as you need them.

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Get Outside

Colorado has been announcing the strategies that it will use to lift stay at home orders, get businesses up and running, and eventually, get back to normal. Surely, this will be a gradual process, and chances are that social distancing, PPE, and other preventative measures will need to be taken once we’re all going out in public.

The being said, whenever you’re able, get outside! Whether you’re simply sitting on the porch, strolling through the neighborhood, or going to one of the many amazing natural areas we have in Colorado, getting outside is so important.

We wouldn’t be surprised if you’re feeling stir crazy — we definitely are! While it’s incredible how Americans have been working together to self-isolate and stay at home, spending all-day, every-day cooped up in the same place can do a number on your mental and physical wellness. 

Whether you’re out of work, an essential worker, or working from home, the fact is we’re all trying to work through this pandemic, stay safe, and keep some semblance of normalcy — but it’s hard! From stressing over the work you’re still doing to worrying about when you’ll get back to work, we’re all grappling with a global crisis. We think it’s safe to say that we’re all feeling burnt out, tired, and anxious. 

This, of course, is a very brief and generalized understanding of the effects that the state of day-to-day life is having on our collective mental health, but there is most likely something here you’re relating to. The point is, that by stepping away from where you’ve been cooped up for a month or more, breathing fresh air, and appreciating nature, you can recalibrate, separate yourself from the stressors and worries you’ve had on your mind, and not feel so boxed in. 

In terms of physical health, going outside gives you the opportunity to get active and moving! While many people have workout plans and equipment they can use at home, there is nothing like getting some exercise, breathing in Rocky Mountain Air, and hearing the sounds of the outdoors — especially in Colorado. 

Get Back Into Your Self-Care Routine 

We’ve all been making sacrifices during this time, small and large. We’ve had to postpone or outright cancel any and every appointment we’ve had planned, we’re unable to patron our favorite restaurants and social places, and for those heroes who are on the front lines working essential positions, they’re sacrificing their safety to ensure that they can care for other people. 

Our next piece of advice is to make up for lost time and enjoy those things you’ve been sacrificing during the lockdown as soon as possible. Go get a massage when your therapist can open their doors, reschedule that haircut that you had to cancel a month ago, go to the spa, or even just take a few days off to catch your breath, spend quality time with your loved ones, and recuperate. 

Not only will this be great for helping you take care of yourself and bounce back from these difficult times, but it will also work to support those local businesses you love that have been struggling to keep afloat.

It’s important to note that you do this in accordance with the schedules Colorado has put together to get the state fully operational. Furthermore, if you’re going to be visiting any business once you’re allowed, be extra careful to follow guidelines like social distancing, not touching your face, wearing a facemask, etc. 

Treat Yourself

In addition to getting out of the space you’ve been holed up in and taking care of your self-care needs, we recommend treating yourself however you’re able to bring some more joy into your life during the transition to normality. It could be as simple as getting the ingredients to make your favorite meal or it could be something like upgrading an electronic, getting a new book you’ve been itching to read, or getting some new clothes to wear out on the town. 

This being said, we understand that the pandemic has not been kind economically. If you’re in a position where you can’t spend money to treat yourself, consider how you can treat yourself with what you have at home. Maybe you have all the things you need for a pseudo spa day in your home! Or, maybe it’s just gathering the family to watch your favorite movie.

Whatever it is you choose to do, just ensure that it’s something that “fills your cup,” as they say. There is no “correct” way to treat yourself! 

Western Rockies Interventional Pain Specialists

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